BKA Team Session And Referees Course 20th August 2011

BKA Team Session And Referees Course
20th August 2011

Although being held in the middle of the August holidays, both the Squad session and the ref’s course were well attended Peter Bibby took the Referees and prepped them for a written test on the WKF competition rules, they then joined the squad for some practical training.

Geoff Dixon, Emma Holland and Alison Hinds then retired to a quite room to take their written exams.

Congratulations to;

  • Geoff Dixon – 94% (47/50)
    -Provisional BKA Kumite Referee
  • Gemma Holland – 82% (41/50)
    – Provisional BKA Kumite Judge
  • Alison Hinds – 80% (40/50)
    – Provisional BKA Kumite Judge

Well done to those passing and also those attending.

The squad and squad hopefuls wee put through an intense session working on the basic techniques required for karate competition Starting with a good a cardio warm up, followed by repetition of techniques using a number system. This was followed by relaxed sparring giving students a chance to practice the number system.

After a little break we had fight offs with referees and judges overseeing the action.

Peter Bibby then ran the squad and referees through WKF Shitei Katas – Jion – Bassi dai – Kanku dai – Seienchin and Seishan.

It is early days for the squad and we are learning all the time, we will be attending a number of national competitions next year (dates to follow) and I will be looking for fighters and students who want to compete in Kata. Those looking to gain a place on the BKA team should attend as many club level competitions as possible to gain experience.

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