BKA Referee Assessments

After practical assessments at the Northern Open Classic on Sunday in Warrington, the following candidates finally had their qualifications ratified to gain Full BKA Qualifications:-

GEOFF DIXON – BKA KUMITE REFEREE (Assessors – Peter Bibby & Dave Robinson, BKF Kumite Referee)

GEMMA HOLLAND – BKA KUMITE JUDGE (Assessors – Peter Bibby & Ivor Thomas, European Kumite Judge A/BKF Tatami Chief)

ALISON HINDS – BKA KUMITE JUDGE (Assessors – Peter Bibby & Tony Dent, European Kata Judge A/European Kumite Judge B)

The same three candidates also took stage one of the BKA Kata Judge Qualification by taking the BKA Kata Judges Theory Examination.

The results are as follows:-

  • GEOFF DIXON – 100%
  • ALISON HINDS – 97%

Stage 2 of the Kata Judge Qualification will be the performance of 1 Shitei Kata at the next BKA Squad Session.

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