Congratulations to Tora Kodo Karate Kai

Congratulations to Tora Kodo Karate Kai for their 50th anniversary 1966 -2016
They competed in the 2016 J.S.K.A. Championships. Sensei Robert Herincx said that; “Everyone worked really hard on what was a tough competition at a very high level. It was also nice to see old friends again from the distant past and also make some new ones along the way.”

Male 8y, 10-8Kyu
Daniel Worrel Kata 3rd place/Kumite 4th place

Male 9-11y, 7Kyu
Ogi Zelnovic Kata 3rd place/Kumite 2nd place
Joe Ayling Kata 2nd place/Kumite 3rd place

Male 14-15y, 10-8Kyu
Max Cotton Kata 2nd place/Kumite 3rd place
Louis David Kata 1st place/Kumite 2nd place

Male 9-12y, 6Kyu
Aran Sethi Kata 1st place/Kumite 3rd place

Male 11-13y, 3-1Kyu
Siddy Docherty Kata 3rd place

Female 13-16y, 8Kyu
Amelia Kekeh Kata 2nd place
Eve Dickson Kata 3rd place

Male 16+, 4-1Kyu
Michael Worrel Kata 1st place/Kumite 1st place

Male 30+, Dan+
Steve Petit Kumite 2nd place
Jiri Volek Kata 3rd place/Kumite 3rd place

Tora Kodo Karate Kai website can be found at

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